duck factoids

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picture of a mallard landing on the water
  • The Mallard Duck is the most common wild duck in   the USA
  • The current breeding population is estimated to  be almost 10 million
  • Mallards are able to take flight from the water almost vertically. With one strong swoosh of their wings, the duck’s body  is lifted clear out of the water. They quickly go into full flight.
  • Mallards can rise “straight up” 30-36 feet  if its necessary to clear tree tops.
  • Once the duck is in flight they can reach speeds  of up to 70 feet per second
  • Mallard Ducks usually have the longest migration of any duck, extending from late summer to early winter. They usually begin their migration back to the breeding grounds in March and
  • Female ducks show a strong tendency to breed near the place they were hatched, or near a previous breeding site.
  • Most male ducks never breed in the same area twice.
  • Male ducks are known as drakes.
  • Female ducks are known as hens.


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