Our Show Offers


What Our Show Offers

Show Supplies:

  • Up to 5; 15 to 20 minute shows weekends & Kid’s Day / 4 weekdays
  • All the necessary equipment
  • Trained ducks with holding cages
  • Cast of 2
  • Insurance
  • Audience participation
  • Video available upon request
  • Prizes to winners
  • Robert Duck will be available for TV, radio, and newspaper interviews
cartoon duck asking you to come join us at the duck races
Here are just a few qualities that make the Great American Duck Race of New Mexico a huge success:
High Entertainment Value:
“You can’t watch ducks race without smiling.” Almost every performance has audience members who have returned to see the show for the second or third time.
This show offers the “something different” people have been wanting. T.V., radio, and newspapers have fodder for endless “wise quacks” and “fowl jokes” about the new attraction for your event. The show owner’s name, Robert Duck, just adds to the fun.
Interesting facts about Mallard duck are revealed throughout the show. The educational portion of the show was prepared by the Ducks Unlimited, Inc. national staff, exclusively for the Great American Duck Race of New Mexico.
Hands on Fun:
Sixteen children (and adults) are chosen during each show to release the ducks in the race track. Prizes are given to the winners of each race. Five races during each show.